L'optimisme, ce n'est pas le refus de voir ce qui ne va pas, c'est le désir de ne pas s'y attarder. // Donne moi le courage de changer les choses que je peux changer, la sérénité d'accepter celles que je ne peux pas changer, et la sagesse de distinguer entre les deux. (Marc Aurèle) // Don't raise your voice; improve your argument. (Desmond Tutu) // Be the change you want to see in the world. (Gandhi)


Général von Choltitz: You certainly are a fine talker. Abraham... a Jew. It's an interesting analogy. I no longer believe in God, but I remember the Bible well. In fact, you're asking me to betray the oath I took to serve my country. You're asking me to betray my whole upbringing. My father was a soldier. My grandfather was also a soldier. My ancestors fought Napoleon in his Russian campaign. And I have been in two wars.
Raoul Nordling: [opening his mouth to speak]
Général von Choltitz: No, no, no, no, listen to me. Let me finish. I saw everything thing in those wars. The intoxicating victory and the humiliation of defeat. I, too, want this one to end - the sooner the better. But I will never capitulate.
Raoul Nordling: If Hitler told you to kill your little boy, you wouldn't hesitate? Like Abraham, 4,000 years ago?

(Diplomacy movie)

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