L'optimisme, ce n'est pas le refus de voir ce qui ne va pas, c'est le désir de ne pas s'y attarder. // Donne moi le courage de changer les choses que je peux changer, la sérénité d'accepter celles que je ne peux pas changer, et la sagesse de distinguer entre les deux. (Marc Aurèle) // Don't raise your voice; improve your argument. (Desmond Tutu) // Be the change you want to see in the world. (Gandhi)


Prix du café en terrasse : 
- "un café"   7 EUR
- "un café, s'il vous plait"   4,25 EUR
- "bonjour, un café, s'il vous plait"   1,40 EUR


Comfort is the enemy of achievement
Its not a walk through a rose garden...


Il s'agit de servir Paris, pas de s'en servir 
(Anne Hidalgo, lors d'un débat sur les municipales pour la ville de Paris)


Adversity : 
what does not kill you, 
often pretends to ignore you... 
for a little while.


2 things define you : 
Your patience when you have nothing. 
Your attitude when you have everything.


Et maintenant qu'il faut partir
On a cent mille choses à dire
Qui tiennent trop à coeur pour si peu de temps
 (Joe Dassin in Les amoureux)


Umbrella can't stop the rain but make us stand in the rain.
Confidence may not bring success but give us power to face any challenges.


And I think to myself what a wonderful world. 
(Louis Armstrong) #linkedin

On rencontre sa destinée souvent par des chemins qu’on prend pour l’éviter.
  (Jean de la Fontaine)
I do not trust people who don't love themselves and yet tell me 'I love you'. 
There is an African saying which is : 
be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt. 
(Maya Angelou)


The illegal we do immediately. 
The unconstitutional takes a little longer.
    (Henry Kissinger)


Some hit the wall, 
some crush it. 
Which one will you be ?
It's the story of the two salesmen who went down to Africa in the 1900s. 
They were sent down to find if there was any opportunity for selling shoes, and they wrote telegrams back to Manchester. 
- And one of them wrote, "Situation hopeless. Stop.They don't wear shoes." 
- And the other one wrote, "Glorious opportunity. They don't have any shoes yet." 


It’s one of the characteristics of a leader that he not doubt for one moment the capacity of the people he’s leading to realize whatever he’s dreaming. Imagine if Martin Luther King had said, ‘I have a dream. 
Of course, I’m not sure they’ll be up to it.’”

Weather forecast for tonight: dark. 
Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning.
(George Carlin)

There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. 
One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, 
so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.
   (Dalai Lama)


When top level guys look down they see only shit. 
When bottom level guys look up they see only assholes.


Si tu as envie de faire durer une situation,
il suffit de la considérer comme provisoire ...
(Murphy law by Rogers)

Don't wait for inspiration. 
Be the inspiration !


A country that can put men on the moon can put women in the Constitution. 
 (Margaret Heckler)


The naked Truth is always better than the best-dressed Lie. 

I think there are two types of people in this world  : 
- people who can start things 
- and people who can finish things. 
And while I place great value on the finishers, 
it’s the starters who are rare because they can envision what isn’t there.
   (Ed Franck)


No matter how cool your interface is, 
it would be better if there were less of it.

 (Alan Cooper)

It was so cold this morning. 
I actually saw a Democrat with his hands in his own pockets. 


Nothing can stop automation !


Mais les braves gens n'aiment pas que
L'on suive une autre route qu'eux,

Tout le monde médit de moi,
Sauf les muets, ça va de soi.

Tout le monde me montre du doigt
Sauf les manchots, ça va de soi.

Tout le monde se rue sur moi,
Sauf les culs-de-jatte, ça va de soi.

Tout le monde viendra me voir pendu,
Sauf les aveugles, bien entendu.
    (La mauvaise réputation, Brassens)
Recently, I was asked if I was going to fire an employee who made a mistake that cost the company $600,000. 
No, I replied, I just spent $600,000 training him. Why would I want somebody to hire his experience?
(Thomas John Watson Sr., IBM)

People are like music, 
some speak the TRUTH, 
and others are just NOISE!


If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes truth  politics.

Mieux vaut une 2CV sur la route qu'une Rolls au garage.


I'm a small bear ... but my Mum is there .... 
(Thanks Claudine for the picture)

Superbe ours endormi dans une vitrine à New-York (composition à base de morceaux de bois et bobines de fil). 
Merci Red H pour la photo !


No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart. 

Use specific tool for different situations

To resist change is like holding your breath 
– if you persist, you will die… (Laozi)

To resist new technology is like holding your breath
 if you persist, you will no longer be in busines


Do not set too ambitious deadlines ....

There are two things people want more than sex and money … 
recognition and praise.
  (Mary Kay Ash, Founder, Mary Kay Cosmetics)


Es mejor morir de pie que vivir toda una vida arrodillado
Mieux vaut mourir debout que vivre toute une vie à genoux.
(Emiliano Zapata)

Start by doing what's necessary;
then do what's possible;
and suddenly you are doing the impossible
(St François d'Assise)


Le BIG DATA c'est comme l'amour  pour les adolescents. 
Tout le monde en parle mais personne ne l'a jamais fait. 
(cité par Erwin J.)

Une excellente année 2014 ... remplie de voyages et de découvertes !

You don't need religion to have morals. 
If you can't determine right from wrong, 
then you lack empathy not religion. 


"ego" is the only requirement to destroy any relationship
So, be  a bigger person, skip the "e" and let it "go" !


Bonne à nez -- Bonne année
(P.Geluck, le Chat) 

Je vous souhaite ....

Un ours en Provence ? c'est rare. 
Vitrail vu hier dans une propriété Provencale ....

Des voeux brillants (ceux d'Umanis)  : Prêt à tout pour livrer à temps. 

Resolution : T
his year I will be like a tree. 
Rooted in the past experiences. 
Growing ever outward and upward...