L'optimisme, ce n'est pas le refus de voir ce qui ne va pas, c'est le désir de ne pas s'y attarder. // Donne moi le courage de changer les choses que je peux changer, la sérénité d'accepter celles que je ne peux pas changer, et la sagesse de distinguer entre les deux. (Marc Aurèle) // Don't raise your voice; improve your argument. (Desmond Tutu) // Be the change you want to see in the world. (Gandhi)


Climbing the moutain
the journey can be steep at some points, but not alway
the point of view changes abruptly sometimes you are in the dark and sometimes you have illuminations
there can be fog at the beginning, but everyone who has done it before knows this, you have to work your way through it. It’s normal and this is not your fault
plan, be organized
ask others, trust them
go back if you need and wait for better times
the view is worth it
learn about climbing faster the faster you climb, the less you slip back

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