L'optimisme, ce n'est pas le refus de voir ce qui ne va pas, c'est le désir de ne pas s'y attarder. // Donne moi le courage de changer les choses que je peux changer, la sérénité d'accepter celles que je ne peux pas changer, et la sagesse de distinguer entre les deux. (Marc Aurèle) // Don't raise your voice; improve your argument. (Desmond Tutu) // Be the change you want to see in the world. (Gandhi)


What do you know about war? 
They'll tell you it's about patriotism, democracy... or some shit about the other guy hating our freedom. 

But you wanna know what it's really about? What do you see? 
A kid from Arkansas doing his patriotic duty to defend his country? 

I see a helmet, fire-retardant gloves, body armor and an M16. 
I see $17, 500. That's what it costs to outfit one American soldier. 
Over two million soldiers fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
It cost the American taxpayer $4.5 billion each year just to pay the air conditioning bills for those wars. 

And that's what war is really about. War is an economy. 
Anybody who tells you otherwise is either in on it or stupid.

(War Dogs movie)

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